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It's been a challenging year, a wheat market full of price rallies and falls. That’s where AWB’s Harvest Pool can help. The Harvest Pool takes a longer-term view, with the objective of capturing market opportunities, to provide a better return for your wheat over time.

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Participate in local and global market opportunities until October 2018
A market-leading underwritten level of 80%
Access cash flow at harvest, spread over time or defer your pool proceeds
Get paid for better quality through Golden Rewards
Low interest seasonal finance – with a 3.5% interest rate (variable)
Guaranteed payment dates
Individual port-zone returns to reflect your local price
Over 150 years of experience

Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges, Acceptable wheat grades and locations apply. Click here for information on fees and charges.

Enjoy flexible payment options

The AWB Harvest Pool gives you the flexibility of choosing a payment option that best suits your cash flow needs.

Harvest Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Scheduled Payment Cumulative
Harvest Payment 1st
Distribution Payment 25% - 30% 45% - 50% 75% - 80% 100%
Deferred Distribution Payment 75% - 80% 100%
Advance Payment Payment 80%* 10% potential top-up 100%
Harvest Loan Loan 80%** 10% potential top-up 100%
Repayment Flexibility to repay and redraw at any time 25% - 30% 45% - 50% 75% - 80% 100%
Flexi Loan Loan 80%*** 10% potential top-up 100%
Repayment Flexibility to repay and redraw at any time 75% - 80% 100%

*80% of the Nominated Estimated Pool Return (NEPR) less deductions, supplier liabilities, financing costs and applicable quality premiums/discounts paid within five business days of delivery.
**80% of the NEPR less deductions, supplier liabilities, estimated interest and applicable quality premiums/discounts paid within five business days of delivery.
***80% of the NEPR less site deductions, supplier liabilities, estimated interest and applicable quality premiums/discounts provided as a credit limit and available to draw five business days from delivery.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, percentages are estimates only. For distribution and deferred distribution payments (and loan repayments) percentages are a cumulative percentage of the estimated pool return, deductions, supplier liabilities and quality premiums/discounts which are applied to each payment. Please use the AWB Pool Returns Calculator to view further details on pool payments or view the 2017/18 AWB Harvest Pool terms and conditions.

Feel secure with guaranteed payment dates

AWB guarantees the date of pool distribution payments to provide you with certainty on the timing of future cash flow.

Month Distribution Deferred Distribution
March Friday 30 March 2018
May Friday 25 May 2018
July Friday 27 July 2018 Friday 20 July 2018
October Pool Finalisation: Friday 26 October 2018

Our guarantee is for the date of the payment only. To the extent that a payment is not made by the guaranteed date, AWB offers to pay farmers interest at the rate of 18% per annum for each day that they payment is delayed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There may be tax consequences for you in connection with the products issued by AWB. This may include tax being payable on any payments made to you. The tax treatment and the year in which payments may be included in your income may vary depending on your specific circumstances. The information presented in relation to the products does not constitute tax advice to you. You should seek professional financial and tax advice that takes into account your particular circumstances.

The Harvest Pool pricing mandate explained

Program summary: Harvest Pool is an actively managed 12 month program designed for growers who want to begin to market their grain beyond harvest and who would like a program that is finalised prior to the following harvest.

Program objective: AWB will benchmark the Harvest Pool returns against the average best bid port cash prices across the marketing window. AWB’s aim is to achieve Harvest Pool returns that beat the benchmark.

2015/16 AWB Harvest Pool Pricing Mandate

• The maximum percentage sold being below 100% until August 2018 ensures that program participants will be exposed to market movements until this time.
• The minimum percentage slowly increases over the 12 months ensuring that the manager is always actively participating in market opportunities.
• Physical sales strategies will be managed to achieve a minimum distribution of 25% to 30% equity less costs at each distribution.
• The AWB manager will use their discretion, within the pricing mandate, to determine the appropriate strategies based on current and anticipated market.

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